MFJ Civil Rights Leadership School May 2011

Full leaflet can be viewed here

Learning to be leaders of the oppressed. Fight to win!

Build a mass, independent, integrated youth-led civil rights movement!

Sat 7th & Sun 8th May
Times: 10am – 5pm
Place: Birkbeck University, Malet Street WC1H (nr Russell Sq)
Hosted by Birkbeck MFJ Society

The Movement For Justice stands on the understanding that our biggest strength in our fight for real justice and equality is the mobilized anger, determination and collective power of those who have most to lose through the cuts and degradation of education – young black, Asian, Muslim, other minority, immigrant, poor, working class, and oppressed students in schools, colleges universities, and our communities. We are the ones who can lead the whole society forward. Our biggest challenge is becoming new leaders ourselves.

The Government is unsure of how much social upheaval it is creating, especially in the black and Asian communities, and whether they can hold themselves together under a worsening economy. Their decisions are not set, they already backtracked on EMA – restoring the payment to students who had already signed up. With the strategy and escalating our fight we can bring down the government.

Movement for Justice is the organization to develop the leaders needed to change society for the better; that’s the purpose of the MFJ school. It’s abundantly clear that no political party is fighting for us, and the traditional union leaders are too tied to Labour. In the autumn students and youth made the first steps to challenge the government directly. It was a transforming experience – to ignore pleas for ‘respectability’ from timid official leaders, be a force of thousands finding new methods of struggle, marches that took over the streets of London. The MFJ called for ‘Shut Down London’ as the strongest way to wield the power of the youth.

By building a united, independent, integrated movement that stands on the egalitarian and democratic principles that are embodied in our nation’s longstanding promise of free education and expanding opportunities for the vast majority, we can bring prosperity and progress. By building a new student and youth-led movement that is not afraid to speak the plain truth about racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-immigrant bigotry, we can create a new Britain in which everyone is afforded the dignity, respect and hope that we all deserve and want.



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