Protest: Free EDSON, Amnesty Now!

Free Edson Cosmas & all immigration detainees!

Fight racism and anti-gay prejudice!


Tuesday 24th May 2pm @ The Home Office Marsham St

Directions: Westminster/St James Park tube. Map: here


Build a mass independent, integrated, youth-lead civil rights movement

We must not allow Edson Cosmas to be deported. The only way to significantly change the racist, stifling, unjust immigration system is to unite our communities, black, Asian, Kurdish, Latin American, and immigrant groups, and mobilize our collective power now. We demand Amnesty Now for all immigrants, ending the insane, immigration process that dehumanizes everyone involved and abandons Britain’s promise of equality.

For every loved one, every neighbour or friend of yours, for yourself, if we stand together and build our independent movement, speaking the truth about racism, we march together for amnesty, and we build ourselves on that basis, we can clear out the backward policies and fight to win change. A perspective of holding demonstrations in our communities that shut down the streets, and join people with and without citizenship, LGBT and straight, will strengthen our side to be the force needed to win.

Join MFJ on Tuesday to demonstrate at the Home Office, and get our communities on our feet fighting for our right to be here, without fear!


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