Nov 30 – Strike, March, shutdown everything!

ALL OUT – 30th November

Strike, March, Shut Down London!

Join the Movement for Justice Contingent
Meet 11am outside ULU, Malet Street WC1H
(Outside University of London Union; for the student feeder march)

Bring down the Government!
Build a mass integrated, youth-lead, independent civil rights movement

** Defend the social welfare gains of the Labour movement  ** Unite black, Asian, immigrant, other minority, poor, and working class communities in a common fight to protect our rights, and our dignity ** Put Britain on the road to become the New Britain: multiracial and equal ** Stop the Government’s attacks on pensions. NO increase in retirement age ** Jobs for youth now  ** Full, comprehensive, quality education. Open up access to elite universities  ** Stop tuition fees hikes, save and expand EMA  ** No victimisation of activists. No evictions, no expulsions. Stop blaming of black, Asian, Muslim, immigrant & poor for the economic and social crisis  ** Fight racism, sexism, anti-immigrant & anti-gay bigotry. ** No detention or deportation. Sanctuary campuses. Full Citizenship for all migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, we are all the New Britain

On the 30th November over two million workers will go on strike. Schools and colleges will be shut down. With thousands of students joining mass demonstrations and marching this will be the biggest day of protests so far against the Coalition Government’s savage attacks on our social welfare protections, public education system and heath service. We can make this a day to stop business-as-usual and push forward our fight to stop the government attacks. On 9th November 10,000 students marched through central London in a Day of Action against education cuts. We were confident, high-spirited and angry, the voice of young London, speaking for the majority – poor and working class, black, Asian and ethnic minority communities, and the struggling middle class. Thousands came out and lined the streets to watch and to cheer, waved from office windows and cheered from construction sites. Lets bring our energy to the 30th Nov – to inspire and lead.

Teachers, school and college workers, health workers etc. are striking to defend their pension rights and say no to working longer, paying more only to get less in the final years of life. This is one struggle. We must unite to end a Government who has no solution but to sacrifice our communities to defend the profits of the rich and powerful, but is also terrified of our movement standing up. This fight is about all of our futures and 30th November must be a Day of Action for all of us.

Join MFJ on the march with the NUS Black Students Campaign and the University of London Union through central London to join up with the march by the workers who will be on strike.

Black and Asian, immigrant, poor and working class youth – our communities are hardest hit by Government cuts; we have the most to gain when we win and the most to lose if we don’t. Our determination and optimism to change our futures is decisive and the key to inspire all generations. Build an independent movement of students tied to the black, Asian, Muslim, immigrant, poor and working class communities!

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