VOICE (Tacko speaks on being a refugee, and seeking asylum)

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VOICE from Ciselle Fung on Vimeo.

Tacko is a gay activist and civil rights leader from Senegal, a nation where openly gay people are politically persecuted, imprisoned and murdered for being gay. Tacko is a political activist in Movement for Justice, fighting for all immigrant rights, respect and equality. Tacko has been held in excruciating limbo by the UKBA, not granted asylum thus far, despite waiting over a year for a decision.

Tacko gave this interview, and Ciselle Fung made this animation from it, to give voice to the truth, the experience of Tacko stands for many thousands. To all those fighting for thir freedom, to live and love as who they, we in MFJ say your fight is our fight; and your victory is our victory.

Britain has joined calls for nations to end the criminalisation and persecution of homosexuality, but at the same time is witholding sanctuary from people facing that very danger. Join MFJ in sending the clear message now – granting asylum to Tacko, and other activists and leaders for equality – Asuman, Andrew and Proscovia – is an easy, direct and meaningful way for the British government to show that its pious words will be backed by action.

Sign the petition and join Tacko, Asuman, and Proscovia in our fight for asylum and freedom now. -  Justice delayed is justice denied  -  End the degrading treatment of Refugees  –   Grant asylum to Tacko, Asuman, Andrew and Proscovia

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